The northern coastal gastronomy in Peru

Almost unknown until recently, Peruvian Cuisine is steadily conquering the palates of the best chefs worldwide. The wild choice of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions -such as Spanish, African, Chinese, or Japanese- have created one of the World’s most unique and delicious see our list of the best restaurants in Mancora.

One of the finest cuisines in the Americas (text from Prom Peru)

« Peru boasts one of the finest cuisines in the Americas. Recipes such as cebiche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice), pachamanca (meat and vegetables cooked underground), chupe de camarones (shrimp soup), ají de gallina (spicy chicken) and juanes (cornmash pastries) are just a few of the mouth-watering dishes served up in Peru. The quality and variety of dishes in Peru are due to several reasons.

First, Peru’s ecological and climatic diversity has given rise to a major supply of fresh produce, which any chef would be ecstatic about. The rich Peruvian fishing grounds abound in fish and shellfish species, the heart of the succulent coastal gastronomy; rice, fowl and goat, meanwhile, are the key ingredients of Peru’s north coastal cooking. In the Andes, meanwhile, delicious ingredients such as the potato and sweetcorn in all its varieties, plus cuy (guinea pig) and ají chili pepper are the basis of highland cooking and are to be found across the country. The jungle adds its own touch, wild game with a side serving of fried banana and manioc root. Local fruit varieties such as chirimoya (custard apple) and lucuma produce incomparable deserts.

The second reason is the rich mix of Western and Eastern cultural traditions. Over the course of centuries, Peru has felt the influence of Spain in stews and soups, Arab sweets and desserts, African contributions to Creole cooking, Italian pastas, Japanese preparations of fish and shellfish and Chinese culinary methods which have given birth to one of the most popular gastronomic traditions in Peru: chifa. But the originality of Peru’s cuisine does not stem just from its traditional cooking -rather, it continues to incorporate new influences, preparing exquisite and impeccable dishes that have been dubbed the New Peruvian Cuisine. It is a veritable privilege to experience Peru’s cooking. Bon appetit. »

Check the blog if you’re looking for the original recipes !

La Sirena, certainly the best restaurant in Mancora. It is right in front of the Loki Hostel on the Pan-American road. Taste one of the Tiradito’s (sort of tuna’s sashimi) dishes, the pastel de choclo (corn cake) or the tacu tacu as an starter, and then choose between the various Tuna’s dishes proposed, it’s just amazing! The main course is around 30 soles.

El Aji, Mexican food. Really nice ambient. Good food. You have to be hungry!

You’ll find it in the little street perpendicular to the panam road at the entrance of the town. The main course is around 25 soles.

El Beef House, excellent meat served like in the USA, the family owners know everything about their meat. Finishing their plate is not an easy task! At the entrance of the town on the panam road. The main course is around 30 soles.

Mara, sushi restaurant in front of El Aji makes the best sushi ever. They make their own roll recipes.  Try the 2 combos, 50 soles each for 2 persons.

El Tao, excellent « chifa » restaurant, fusion of the Peruvian with taï and Chinese food. A nice deco restaurant right on the Pan-American road. Try the Chi jau kai or Ti Pa kay. The main course is around 25 soles.

El Tuno, good restaurant specialized in tuna. Beef House’s next door. Excellent TNT dessert. The main course is around 30 soles.

A review of the Peruvian northshore – The spots

Let’s have a short review of the kitesurf & surf spots on the Peruvian northshore.





The spots

Mancora: really nice and smooth left reefbreak with side-on wind.

Cabo Blanquillo: long desert beach with a side-on wind. One nice pointbreak and a long big shorebreak. Nice singular and pituresque landscape. You can see the fishermen  going downwind with their white sails boats.

You might also find seals, turtles and whales if you are lucky! Hemingway found there the inspiration for the background decoration of the movie adaptation of his novel The old man and the sea.

Tres Cruces: Another really nice reefbreak where begins a very long beach of white sand. Wild wide place. Not very frequented, but neither inhospitable.

Lobitos: Worldclass spot for good riders. Off-shore wind, which can be up to 30 knots. Long, perfect beachbreak up to 3 meters (10 feet) split up in successive seccions. Some barrels. Closed down oil campement as the background…

Baterias: Side-off wind. Massive beachbreak from 2 to 5 meters (5 to 15 feet).

La laguna (Mancora): flat water surface created by the ocean high tide. Close to Mancora beach. Regular wind. Perfect conditions for freestyle when the quantity of water permits it

The Downwind trips:

Mancora – Punta Sal : a wonderful ride along 20 kilometers (12 miles) of salvage and desert coastline. Endless shorebreak to cut-off without moderation. Side-wind, then side-on, on-shore.

Arrival on the Puntal Sal beach, a peacecul haven where typical dishes and fresh beers will receive you from the excursion.

Organos – Mancora: Evolutive Downwind, varied and very entertaining. 6 km (4 miles) of shorebreaks and some reefbreaks along a nice beach where the Lima’s jet-set set up their secondary residence.



A review of the Peruvian northshore – Intro


This is the peruvian northshore, where we live and from where the adventure will start. Let’s do a short review of the spot in terms of waveriding conditions but also of what you will find there.


Mancora is located in the North of Peru, 2h from the Ecuador border. Endless summer, warm water, waves and gastronomy are the reasons why it recently became a chosen destination for either local or international tourists.  Nevertheless, this former fishermen village is still hidden from many and is never overcrowded. The place remains pleasant all year around and offers the choice of partying every night or relaxing on a desert beach or on a “hamaca”. The ideal kitesurfing holidays!


Average temperature: 25ºC

Average water temperature: 22-26ºC


1. The Wind: From 13-25 knots. Type of wind: southerly. Starts around 1pm and dies down around 6pm. Wind period: June-December.

2. The Waves: From 1-3 meters. Type of wave: leftside pointbreak, beachbreak. Pure, tidy and consistent waves. Wave period: all year round. Either North or south swells.

3. The Climate: Ideal! Mancora enjoys temperatures of + or – 27 degrees C all year round. Hot and dry during the day, cool nights. Wear shorts and add a light sweatshirt during the evening. The Mancora’s water temperature average is 23º! However, when we go further south the water temperature decreases and a 3/2 wetsuit is needed.


Lay down on a beach, Mancora is sunny with warm water all year around.

Deep sea fishing: the waters are very rich in sea life, Hemingway rode the old man and the sea movie right here.

Surf initiation: Mancora is the ideal place for the unitiated surfer to learn in a relaxed environment. You will be able to surf your firt waves since the first lesson. Otherwise the cool surf instructors give your money back!

Canoeing in the mangroves: at the north of Mancora, the mangroves shelter a incredible flora & wildlife.

and spearfishing, whalewatching, motoquad…