A review of the Peruvian northshore – Intro

This is the peruvian northshore, where we live and from where the adventure will start. Let’s do a short review of the spot in terms of waveriding conditions but also of what you will find there.


Mancora is located in the North of Peru, 2h from the Ecuador border. Endless summer, warm water, waves and gastronomy are the reasons why it recently became a chosen destination for either local or international tourists.  Nevertheless, this former fishermen village is still hidden from many and is never overcrowded. The place remains pleasant all year around and offers the choice of partying every night or relaxing on a desert beach or on a “hamaca”. The ideal kitesurfing holidays!


Average temperature: 25ºC

Average water temperature: 22-26ºC


1. The Wind: From 13-25 knots. Type of wind: southerly. Starts around 1pm and dies down around 6pm. Wind period: June-December.

2. The Waves: From 1-3 meters. Type of wave: leftside pointbreak, beachbreak. Pure, tidy and consistent waves. Wave period: all year round. Either North or south swells.

3. The Climate: Ideal! Mancora enjoys temperatures of + or – 27 degrees C all year round. Hot and dry during the day, cool nights. Wear shorts and add a light sweatshirt during the evening. The Mancora’s water temperature average is 23º! However, when we go further south the water temperature decreases and a 3/2 wetsuit is needed.


Lay down on a beach, Mancora is sunny with warm water all year around.

Deep sea fishing: the waters are very rich in sea life, Hemingway rode the old man and the sea movie right here.

Surf initiation: Mancora is the ideal place for the unitiated surfer to learn in a relaxed environment. You will be able to surf your firt waves since the first lesson. Otherwise the cool surf instructors give your money back!

Canoeing in the mangroves: at the north of Mancora, the mangroves shelter a incredible flora & wildlife.

and spearfishing, whalewatching, motoquad…


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