A review of the Peruvian northshore – The spots

Let’s have a short review of the kitesurf & surf spots on the Peruvian northshore.





The spots

Mancora: really nice and smooth left reefbreak with side-on wind.

Cabo Blanquillo: long desert beach with a side-on wind. One nice pointbreak and a long big shorebreak. Nice singular and pituresque landscape. You can see the fishermen  going downwind with their white sails boats.

You might also find seals, turtles and whales if you are lucky! Hemingway found there the inspiration for the background decoration of the movie adaptation of his novel The old man and the sea.

Tres Cruces: Another really nice reefbreak where begins a very long beach of white sand. Wild wide place. Not very frequented, but neither inhospitable.

Lobitos: Worldclass spot for good riders. Off-shore wind, which can be up to 30 knots. Long, perfect beachbreak up to 3 meters (10 feet) split up in successive seccions. Some barrels. Closed down oil campement as the background…

Baterias: Side-off wind. Massive beachbreak from 2 to 5 meters (5 to 15 feet).

La laguna (Mancora): flat water surface created by the ocean high tide. Close to Mancora beach. Regular wind. Perfect conditions for freestyle when the quantity of water permits it

The Downwind trips:

Mancora – Punta Sal : a wonderful ride along 20 kilometers (12 miles) of salvage and desert coastline. Endless shorebreak to cut-off without moderation. Side-wind, then side-on, on-shore.

Arrival on the Puntal Sal beach, a peacecul haven where typical dishes and fresh beers will receive you from the excursion.

Organos – Mancora: Evolutive Downwind, varied and very entertaining. 6 km (4 miles) of shorebreaks and some reefbreaks along a nice beach where the Lima’s jet-set set up their secondary residence.




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