The Peruvian norhshore is one of the best waveriding spots in the world, if not the best! Those spots begin to echo in the surf & kitesurf worlds, spots like Lobitos, Cabo Blanco. A place we know by heart, it is a pleasure to show it to you!

The Sechura desert
The Peruvian northshore also hides some lonely golden nuggets on the coast but also inland. We will search them out the wide wide Sechura desert.
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The Cordillera Blanca is the highest tropical mountain range on the planet (e.g. the Huascarán, 6,768 m). We will go trekking there to find some turquoise lagunes to kitesurf, jump high in the heights!
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Chicama is the famous longest left wave in the world while Pacasmayo is surely on of the best waveriding spot for kitesurf in the world. That is why it will be hard not to make a stop there.
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Paracas is a natural reserve at 5h south of Lima. It is well-known for its abundant wildlife and unique ecosystem. We will stop there for a little while, enjoy its constant wind and flat water for some freestyling sessions with the seals and the pinguins.

Other spots: La Chanca, San Andres, Atenas, Santo Domingo, Supay, Zarate, Playon, Mendeta, Laguna Grande, Playa independencia…
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The high Altiplano of the Atacama Desert has rivers, green canyons, lakes, geysers, salt flats with flamingos, sand dunes and natural hot springs. It is a very expected destination where the photo shots of mountainboarding on the sand and kiteboarding on lagunes predict to be grandiose!
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Matanzas is the best waveriding spots in Chile for kitesurfing while Punta Lobos is a mithical wave for surfing. The PKRA tour did its wave final in the first spot in 2007 while Quicksilver use to do his big wave invitacional in the second one.
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Here we will go in the most remote places and kitesurf where nobody has kitesurfed before thanks to the help of our friendly local host Oswaldo. Lakes surrounded by snowed volcanoes, cold water, virgen wave spots in open waters.
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